[SPOT ON] Gians ‘Mistery + Symmetric Fountain ‘Sound Of Time Remix’ | Classy Electronica Pearls

★ Absolutely Mind-Blowing Electronica Pearls To make Memorable Your Journey

Italian Gians is back with a new storming release to blow up your mind without doubt.

Gianluca Spinetti known as Gians has been influenced by sounds from Depeche Mode and Underworld to Pink Floyd, pushing him to define an authentic music style built over minimal and techno beats, but dressed with driven melodic atmospheres as Mystery proves.

In this opportunity, the Italian producer delivers not only a well crafted deep-tech-electronica rhythm, but an absolutely magic key to a new multicolour dimension layered by celestial pads and evolving synth-lines to make memorable in the journey. Subtle but carefully keeping as possible as tension, Gians brings a huge bomb suitable on quality melodic DJ sets and first-class rooms as the wizard in the night.

On the flip side debuting within Progrezo Records family is Sound Of Time, who brings out an undeniable stunning interpretation of Gians’ Symmetric Fountain to take notice. Here the new passenger delivers with kind of majesty, solid arrows to the point as a perfect archer within the trip. A non expected sax break-time take us with a kind of sensuality mood to a new level full of emotion perfect in the dawn.

Grab your copy as exclusive pre-release on:
Gians ‘Mistery + Symmetric Fountain ‘Sound Of Time Remix’

Progrezo Records | Designing future. Forward-thinking Music


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