[Spot on] Blur & Dreams – MMXV – DJ Mixes A | More than three hours Pearls

★ More than three hours featuring cutting-edge electronic music Pearls to make your journey!

Following with a series of top notch releases produced by undeniable quality label’ artists; besides numerous achievements within top-100 charts gaining massive support at the avant-garde but sophisticated electronic music stage, the Progrezo Records team is pleased to present a quite selected collection of three exclusive Dj mixes with some of its best latest releases to highlight 2015 as Blur & Dreams proves.

Already supported and charted by the likes of Hernan Cattaneo, Cid Inc and Gare Mat K among others, the Italian duo Remode brings a stunning deep-tech-house but dub-techno almost 60 minutes Dj set to pay balcony without doubt. Here Remode proves themselves as one of the newcomer projects born in Italy with quality skills not only to performance live but a remarkable duo to put an eye on their music productions without doubt.

Belarusian young talent Alan Mille is one the newcomer names related to emotional but melodic-techno music who is gaining an army of followers around the world to pave the way with solid foundations within the finest electronic music industry as his productions prove. Well crafted melodic-tech atmospheres built carefully over solid but always classy-subtle deep-tech beats, are part of Alans train to take notice. As a Dj there is no exception as his 60 minutes Dj mix shows, which shine by its own when talking about a forward-thinking rising talent with a clear career means.

Argentinean talent, Gus Bonani, known by his solid deep and tech-house music productions as well as more frequent Dj performances within the Buenos Aires scene, delivers a completely arrow to the point proper for techy-house lovers and unstopable legs, always keeping his natural style and evolving atmospheres.

Grab your copy as exclusive pre-release on:
Blur & Dreams – MMXV – DJ Mixes A

Progrezo Records | Designing future. Forward-thinking Music


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