[HIGHLIGHTS] John Kah ‘Melopee Matinale incl Kokenn + Pierre Boix Remixes’

★ Undeniable Melodic-Techno Pearls Suitable on Quality Dj Sets and Modern Ears !

Featured recently with a solid ep on Progrezo Records, French John Kah brings his new single as Malope Matinale along with quality remixes by Kokenn and Pierre Boix respectively.

Melopee Matinale is one of those pieces that takes us to a cinematic soundscape journey through an unstoppable world full of emotions and colour as a memorable masterpiece as is. Well crafted deep-tech beats built carefully over piano chords, sweet keys and hypnotic bass-lines bring together majesty on the fly.

Born in Marseille, Kokenn is one of the many artists who have not gone through the dj box, but entered directly by the production. Being more particularly attracted by all techno-minimal expressions, proves as a solid fingerprint why his productions are much more around minimalist style.

His remix of Melopee Matinale is an undeniable prove of quality skills when producing electronic music means. Inspired by the original synths, Kokenn brings a well crafted – dynamic melodic-techno version with attributes enough to suits any kind of world first-class Dj set without doubt. With a quite fresh and fluid music style, this French newcomer talent will pave the way for a remarkable music career within the finest electronic music industry.

Last on the list is the Canadian young talent Pierre Boix, who delivers a much more introspective interpretation inspired by some original stems in addition to his eclectic tech style that drives the plane through deep-tech sometimes broken beats, evolving bass-lines and well crafted melodies to make the package memorable at most.

Grab your copy as exclusive pre-release on:
John Kah – Melopee Matinale Incl Kokenn + Pierre Boix Remixes

Progrezo Records | Designing future. Forward-thinking Music


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