[HIGHLIGHTS] Minitronik ‘System’ | Outstanding Minimal-Techno Stuff

★ Outstanding Minimal-Techno Stuff Suitable on Solid but Forward-Thinking Dj Sets !

Serbian minimal-techno producer Minitronik is back at Progrezo Records with a new mind blowing ep as System is. Featured already by well known record labels along with on demand industry names, Minitronik proves himself as a notorious producer to put an eye on, armed with fresh and innovated music ideas to stand up world-wide crowds.

As ep’s called, System opens the jewel case with class enough taking us to a solid minimal-techno atmosphere layered by acid synths, mad girl voices and stomped beats to make memorable in the night. Sick bass-lines drive the plane with sensuality enough that tends to blow up not only the dance-floor but your mind on the fly !

Second on the list the Serbian rising talent delivers an outstanding but purist minimal-techno masterpiece as I’m trippin, proving himself as one of the producers with quality skills to hit minimal top100 charts, capable to blast the dance-floor with such a killer bombs straight to the point.

To close with a flourish, Minitronik brings another blaster minimal-techno pearl to keep your mind as blinded as possible from a mad beats journey called called Keep You Blind, proper to make memorable on peak-hour Dj sets and big rooms at most.

Grab your copy as exclusive pre-release on:
Minitronik ‘System’

Progrezo Records | Designing future. Forward-thinking Music


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