Mindkraft ‘Shadows From’ | Classical influenced Melodic-techno Pearls

★ Well Crafted Classical-influenced Melodic-techno Pearls to bright on first-class Dj sets but in the Night !

Originally from Cherbourg, France, Julian Vitry known as Mindkraft arrives in the south at the age of 3 years. His adolescence was marked by some diverse music styles from rock and hardcore to metal and symphonic. Aged 22 he discovers the Montpellier nightlife, pushing him to the underground atmosphere with techno and minimal spirit. Carried away by the movement of Barlive, he found himself within the melodic techno eclectic style with a touch of minimal beat, always dynamic and classical at most.

Debuting within Progrezo Records with an stunning ep as Shadow of my Memory is, Mindkraft proves himself as one of the biggest names coming from France related to melodic-techno influenced by classical and rock music as his authentic music fingerprint to put an eye on.

As a quality music producer with quality skills to produce huge masterpieces, Mindkraft delivers a classic dressed but melodic-techno Pearl called Shadow of Memory that takes us to an immensurable world of magic strings, sick organic textures, stomped tech-beats, hypnotic bass-lines and piano chords to blow up your mind as straight arrows to your head. Here the French producer proves himself as one of the notorious talented artists related to sublime melodic techno atmospheres at most.

On the flip side Mindkraft proves himself as a prolific producer capable to driving into more introspective atmospheres as Good Bye From Far Away is. Subtle but always solid as production, he takes us to emotional places as a wide wizard who control perfectly the ritual. A sublime break-time brings a new level adding subliminal synth-lines and sweet keys making a memorable journey without doubt.

Grab your copy as exclusive pre-release on:
Mindkraft – Shadows From

Progrezo Records | Designing future. Forward-thinking Music


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