Beatzquit ‘Sacred’ | Cutting-edge Electronica Stuff

★ Cutting-edge Electronica Stuff featuring Outstanding vocals within absolutely huge Atmospheres !

Byelorussian rising Electronica duo Beatzquit are back at Progrezo Records with another huge release, featuring two stunning masterpieces to blow up any kind of melodic but modern Dj set and room without doubt.

Sacred as ep’s called, brings Beatzquit most recent studio pearls as Enthusiast and To be Alone prove, delivering solid arrows straight to your body and mind as undeniable keys in the night. Their music doesn’t shine by its own only, but it reveals Beatzquit most prolific side when producing quality Electronica gems as both Enthusiasm and To be Alone prove, adding a unique music touch by their lyrics and melody progressions at most.

First on the list is To Be Alone. Here the Byelorussian talented duo deliver a huge pearl aimed straight to blow up your mind and the dance-floor as metric bullets to your head. Driven tech beats built carefully over hypnotic keys are layered by kind of emotional vocals and strong bass-lines to make tension to the mix. As an epic track as is, it brings a key slap for a memorable night.

On the flip side Beatzquit prove themselves as one of the notorious duo raising from Byelorussia related to sophisticated but always melodic electronic music, capable to produce calm but dynamic masterpieces as Enthusiasm is. Well crafted strings, sweet synth-lines, key voices and a proper deep-tech beat bring together an outstanding pearl to play out any time.

Grab your copy as exclusive pre-release on:
Beatzquit – Sacred

Progrezo Records | Designing future. Forward-thinking Music


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