2 Tracks within ‘Beatport’s 10 Must Hear Minimal Tracks – week 39

★ As Charted within ‘Beatport’s 10 Must Hear Minimal Tracks – week 39 with 2 Pearls!

It has to be said that music stuff talks on behalf of a producer and this is the case of Damne, who push edge of boundaries with cutting-edge productions to take notice.

Russian rising talent Damne is not the only music project behind a successfully man, but a talented young producer with several monikers already featured by well known record labels related to melodic-techno and neo-trance styles.

Blending pain, passion, emotions and happiness, Damne brings a solid music stamp that shine not only by its meaning but because outstanding pearls aimed straight to make tension to the mix as his Maria and Two Faces prove.

Maria is a well crafted Minimal-house vocal masterpiece, delivering over solid drum-bass beats and stomped bass-lines, a suggestive but mystic girl voice surrounded by paned sounds and lead-bass-shoots making it a dirty, emotional piece in the night. Here Damne takes us to an immeasurable music world by sophistication and modernism.

About Two Faces we can say it is a subliminal but dirty Minimal-House pearl that shine by ots own. An absolutely gem suitable on sophisticated DJ sets but quite selected rooms. Damne takes us straight to the minimal Golden age when Villalobos, Houle, Hawtin and Magda among others pushed edge of boundaries as forward-thinking producers in the avant-garde music industry with such amazing masterpieces as Two faces is.

Grab your copy as exclusive pre-release on:
2 Tracks within ‘Beatport’s 10 Must Hear Minimal Tracks – week 39

Progrezo Records | Designing future. Forward-thinking Music


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