Damne – Sun EP featured at Beatport’s Minimal Page

★ Outstanding Minimal-House Pearls that Shine by Their Own on Sophisticated Dj Sets !

Russian rising talent Damne is not the only music project behind a successfully music man as it is, but a talented young producer with several monikers already featured by well known record labels related to melodic-techno and neo-trance styles.

Blending pain, passion, emotions and happiness, Damne brings a solid music stamp that shine not only by its meaning but because outstanding pearls aimed straight to make tension to the mix. Debuting within Progrezo Records, Damne features 4 gems of pure organic minimal emotions blended with sublime bass-lines as cinematic soundscapes to blow your wig in the fly as his Sun ep proves.


Opening with an undeniable masterpiece, Damne meet Neorbeat to produce such as stunning classical-melodic but minimal-textured gem as TMF is. Mad glitches, stretching beeps and sick synth-lines drive over stomped bass-lines to a memorable music dimension where celestial Angles play symphony chords in the air. Second in the list is Two Faces. Here the Russian rising producer brings a dirty rhythm but minimal beats piece of track suitable on sophisticated DJ sets and quite select rooms without doubt. It takes us straight to the minimal Golden age when Villalobos, Houle, Hawtin and Magda among others pushed edge of boundaries as forward-thinking producers in the avant-garde music industry.

Analogue keys built carefully over modulated bass-shoots and sick minimal beats bring with a huge environment proper for specialized Dj sets. As eps named, Sun shows out Damne prolific side as a notorious but versatile producer within the finest electronic music stage. Well crafted girls voices over minimal-break-beats are layered with kind of majesty to make it a useful piece in the night. A calm but always dynamic atmosphere brings with mysticism and a unforgettable pearl to warm up with attitude.

To close with a flourish, Damne delivers a well crafted drum-bass beat built over magic bass-lines unexpected surrounded by paned sounds and lead-bass-shoots, revealing with a girl voice as Maria is. Dirty, emotional and suggestive, Damne takes us to an immeasurable music world by sophistication and modernism. His music productions shine by their own making him one of the notorious talents coming from Russia to notice.

Grab your copy as exclusive pre-release on:
Damne – Sun EP featured at Beatport’s Minimal Page

Progrezo Records | Designing future. Forward-thinking Music


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