Maxi Degrassi – South Lond Remixes | Huge Deep-Tech Pearls

ā˜… Quality deep-tech versions aimed straight to make memorable classy Dj sets and rooms!

Following a series of massive releases, the Progrezo Records team is pleased to present a new ace under the sleeve release, featuring four overwhelming remixes of Maxi Degrassi’s South Lond EP by hands of Cymbol (UK), Mercurio Moncada (IT), PM (Cy) and Argy K (Cy) to highlight.

Expecting not least than quality versions, the British duo Cymbol opens the package with a jewel interpretation of Velvet, delivering a solid deep-tech pearl aimed straight to warm up the dance-floor without doubt. Inspired by some original elements, Cymbol adds tension with piano chords and an undeniable deep-tech beat to take notice in the night.

Mysticism on the break-time brings kind of fresh air and huge emotion to stand up any kind of classy but deep crowd world-over. Second on the list is the Italian Mercurio Moncada who delivers a much more dynamic version inspired by the original people voice but bringing it to a new treatment level that suits the package with dynamism enough. A driven deep-house atmosphere Mercurio Moncada assemble adding his personal fingerprint sound that reveals some wood but spiritual feelings to make memorable a sunset journey without doubt.

The list continues with Phidias M. known as PM (Cyprus), who has staged electronic music since early days as not his passion life only but a professional career with some degrees to notice. Pushing edge of boundaries and proving himself as one of the notorious names coming from Cyprus, PM brings a nice techy-house interpretation inspired by the original people voice and the original pads, but building a much more dynamic tool suitable on techy but modern DJ sets and rooms. Analogue claps drive over deep tech beats surrounded by well crafted hats and rides. Last on the list but not the least, another talent from Cyprus as Argy K got involved with a forward-thinking version of South Lond to blow up your mind on the fly!

Already featured within the Progrezo Records family with a pearl track supported already by Richie Hawtin, Argy K delivers a trippy version using some original elements as deep bullets straight to the dance-floor. Here the Cyprus artist reveals his more prolific but acid-techno producer side with such a sophisticated – memorable version. It has to be said that here are four absolutely remix pearls that shine by their own that for sure will round some of the worlds top Djs cases and specialized radios.

Grab your copy as exclusive pre-release on:
Maxi Degrassi – South Lond Remixes

Progrezo Records | Designing future. Forward-thinking Music


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