Anthony Watkins ‘Connections’ |Minimal-house textures with Sublime Electronica brushes

★ Minimal-house textures with Sublime Electronica brushes bring Huge Atmospheres on fly !

Anthony Watkins is one of the guys behind Cymbol, an electronic music duo from Swansea, United Kingdom featured already within the Progrezo Records family with an outstanding ep.

Now, Anthony is proving himself as a solo artist focus on to produce sophisticated sounds that blends minimal-house textures with a sublime electronica atmosphere to blow up modern dj sets without doubt. Roland featuring Joa is a minimal beat – electronica spirit pearl built over a solid analogue kick that takes us to a 909 journey surrounded by well crafted hats and mid toms in a rhythmical joint venture suitable to warm up sophisticated rooms on the fly.

On the flip side Anthony delivers a more melodic electronica-oriented piece of track as Substance featuring Joa is, playing wooden paned instruments over soft but solid deep-tech beats that grows on the way. Imperative hats drive the plane to a sweet break-time revealing with a more melodic attitude where strong bass-lines take control wrapping body and mind.

Anthony Watkins – Connections is available as exclusive pre-release on:
Anthony Watkins – Connections

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