[PGZTR085] Intelecto Audio – Organico Mecanico (dub-techno)

★ A Dub Techno music Experience within Organic but Mechanical Atmospheres !

Uruguayan rising Techno producer Intelecto Audio proves himself on every of his new productions as one of the most notorious and talented techno artists to put an eye on as his new EP Organico Mecanico is, bringing two well crafted dub techno pearls to blow up minds on the fly !

Opening with solidity enough to stand up deep electronic music lovers, Organico is the magic key that takes us to a trippy-acid atmosphere built with stomped tech beats over infected bass-lead shoots amid sick ride hats where mad science fiction sounds are layered with majestic bringing with a huge pearl to the dance-floor !

On the flip side the Uruguayan producer delivers another dub techno pearl aimed to make tension to the mix and quality Dj sets in modern rooms without doubt. An hypnotic sequencer drum line drives over solid techno beats that brings a science fiction atmosphere taking us to an unexpected break-time where a mad bass-line takes control of the plane as Organic does.

Here are two outstanding techno gems suitable on sophisticated but peak-hour Dj sets and avant-garde rooms where classy underground techno is main.

Intelecto Audio – Organico Mecanico is available as exclusive pre-release on:
Intelecto Audio – Organico Mecanico

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