Steve Lorenz – Taygeta

★ Cutting-edge pearls with huge brushes of Detroit but Berlin underground Techno sound !

Steve Lorenz is synonymous of quality, vanguard, experimentation. He is steadily gaining prestige for the whole Europe public, thanks to a steady stream of high quality productions, establishing collaborations with international artists.

The thematic direction of Steve is the result of a research and elaboration. Steve has developed an industrial sound in constant evolution, in which techno, Detroit, minimal, dub, electro, and neo-trance sonority are fused. The final aim of Steve is to create a new techno called Nutech, a new trend that has no links from the past, but from which derives free inspiration, a music for the man of the future.

Since 2008 Steve has gathered feedback and chart from the most important artists of the world including Dj Hell, Laurent Garnier, Gary Back, Damon Wild, Remute, Cio DOr, Joachim Spieth, Axel Bartsch, Moog Conspirancy, Mathias Schaffauser, Francesco Farfa, Veerus, Ziel 100, Angel Alanis and many more.

2010 year brought Steve to a new level signing a vinyl ep called Abstraction released on Synewave, an historical label from New York founded by Damon Wild where producers such as Dj Hell, Jeff Mills, Adam Beyer, Joey Beltram, The Advent, Steve Rechmond and Rino Cerrone release their music stuff. Among important collaborations to include several works for Bjoern Scherumann and his label Fassade, others for the Berlin Moog Conspirancy label Elektrotribe, Angel Alaniss Slap jax and klientele, The Psycho EP on Open Concept Recordings, and some remixes and works on other labels like Tracer, KDW, Producotos BMM, Absolutive. Since 2010 Steve is A&R of Keep on Limited, meanwhile his first vinyl Pulsar has included three prestigious remixes by Axel Bartsch (Kompakt), Danjel Esperanza (Meleon) and Bjoern Scherumann (Fassade).

Steve Lorenz tracks are supported by Dj Hell, Laurent Garnier, Joseph Capriati, Gary Back, Damon Wild, Remute, Cio DOr, Joachim Spieth, Axel Bartsch, Moog Conspirancy, Mathias Schaffauser, Francesco Farfa, Veerus, Ziel 100 and Angel Alanis amongst others.

His new Taygeta EP brings three outstanding techno pearls produced not only with hardware machines touch but with his wide talent as one of the newcomer producers to put an eye on. The jewel case opens with such an epic acid masterpiece called Cape Canaveral, delivering pure Rhino techno beats over a hypnotic 303 bass-line to stand up everyone on the dance-floor without doubt. Solidity and music avant-garde joint venture to produce an epic piece of techno track! Second on the list the Italian rising talent delivers Taygeta.

A well crafted minimal textured rhythm dressed in a huge dub techno spirit aimed straight to warm up the night, any kind of classy dj set and modern room on the fly ! To close with a flourish, Steve brings a trippy dub techno gem built over hypnotic bass shoots and soft beats that drive through mysterious keys and sounds as a Cinematic Landscape that seems taken from a Berlin film.

In short, here we have three cutting-edge techno pearls with attributes enough to suit with sophistication and solidity modern Dj sets, specialized rooms and forward-thinking electronic music lovers !

Steve Lorenz – Taygeta is available as exclusive pre-release on:
Steve Lorenz – Taygeta

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