Ralph Kings – Estado Gamma

★ Driven dub techno pearls aimed straight on conceptual Dj sets and specialized rooms !

Back to Progrezo Records with another inspiring release, the Spanish rising talent Ralph Kings brings his new ep full of kind air and crisp elements to blow minds on the fly as Estado Gamma as is.

Driven techno beats Ralph delivers with unstoppable bass blasts taking us to a danceable atmosphere as Piedras en El Camino proves. Stomped rhythm elements built over well crafted gothic bells bring together dynamism enough to make memorable in deep techno dj sets without doubt. Second on the list is La Causa, a more melodic piece of track that starts the journey with crisp elements dressed in a more relaxed bpm but solid in every sense as usual on Ralph Kings music productions. This is a more trippy-percussive tool suitable on Minimal as well as Tech house and techno rooms.

To close the package is Estado Gamma as eps called. Here the Spanish talent delivers a more technological track influenced by Germany’s 80s sound where bleeps and minimal keys bright by their own in a sublime space environment.

Ralph Kings – Estado Gamma is available as exclusive pre-release on:
Ralph Kings – Estado Gamma

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