Ralph Kings – Quantum

Sick acid-lines over stunning techno rhythms with a solid Minimal touch side in the night!

★ Sharing releases next to some of the biggest names within the finest underground electronic music industry such as Miro Pajic, Lutzenkirchen, Florian Meindl, Dinamoe and Glitter only to name a few, the Spanish rising producer Ralph Kings proves himself with a new cutting-edge ep full of well crafted techno and acid lines as a Forward-thinking artist as is.

His new ep Quantum features four solid and dynamic techno pearls aimed straight to make tension to the mix and breakthrough in the night. First on the list a trippy-bass-line built over hypnotic techno beats drive together to an unexpected acidity-line kind of Detroit influenced with character enough to fit any kind of modern but sophisticated DJ set as Noche Negra is. Quantum, a more rhythmic than Noche Negra, it reveals Ralph Kings quality skills when producing modern electronic music means. With his characteristic Minimal touch but on a forward-moving suit, it brings an unstoppable piece of deep-techno track with all attributes to warm up the trip without doubt.

Third on the list, the Spanish producer delivers a huge melodic gem as Vigilia, produced with well crafted trippy-long pads and remarkable percussive elements to make a kind useful and dynamic tool while going to Peak-hour times. Passion is the one in charge of closing with class style. Quite calm but dynamic as usual on Ralph Kings tracks, here the talented artists reaffirm his name within the subtle minimal-house arena as one of the actual precursors and innovators at top of the iceberg. Kind of mysterious and suspense atmospheres the Spanish producer brings with this outstanding piece of track that drives between quality emotions from deep-house beats, blended with elegant Minimal textures but in a micro-house music spirit. Don’t miss it! You gonna love his stuff when playing out!

Check them out!

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Ralph Kings- Quantum

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