Intelecto Audio – Work Rotation

★ Undeniable Cutting-edge Dub Techno Masterpieces aimed straight to sophisticated DJ sets!

Featured recently in a series of outstanding releases packaged exclusively for the WMC 2014 week in Miami, besides different appearing on well known labels next to some big industry names the likes of James Holden, Dieselboy, Jamie Stevens, Luis Junior, Andre Sobota and Kosmas Epsilon only to name a few, the Uruguayan minimal and techno rising talent Intelecto Audio push edge of boundaries with every of his own productions, bringing with outstanding pearls suitable on sophisticated Dj sets and modern rooms as Work Rotation EP proves.

Opening with kind style, Motor is not least than as it called is, driving on a stomped Rhino tech rhythm over strong bass-lines, it makes an indubitably party atmosphere by tension enough and solid dynamism aimed straight to the dance-floor. Second on the list is Radar, a more melodic piece of techno track full of mysterious long pads to add a suspense touch to the ep.

Dynamic as Intelecto Audio’s characteristic style is, Radar brings fresh air and an authentic analogue music spirit to warm up memorable nights without doubt. Keeping it as tight as possible, the Uruguayan producer delivers a more dub techno tool aimed straight to forward-thinking Dj sets and rooms on the fly. Overwhelming claps, hypnotic hats and strong bass-lines are part of this majestic music journey, marked with sophistication enough to make difference in the night.

Check them out!

Intelecto Audio’s Work Rotation EP is available as exclusive pre-release on:
Intelecto Audio – Work Rotation

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