Ralph Kings – Azul [PGZTR070]

★ Outstanding tech beats dressed with classy but dynamic house elements to make tension to the mix!

Featured recently on massive releases alongside big industry names including Florian Meindl, Lutzenkirchen, Miro Pajic and Glitter only to name a few, the Spanish rising producer Ralph Kings proves himself as a forward-thinking electronic music producer to put an eye on, not only because his outstanding labels appearing but for the fresh and solid concept when producing quality electronic music matters.

As a prolific artist as is, Ralph Kings drives quite easy from subtle but hypnotic Minimal beats to up-tempo techno Rhino rhythms aimed straight to stand up the dance-floor without doubt as his new ep Azul proves.

Stomped techno beats dress up with dynamic techy-house percussive elements are not only part of his dance music bullets that bring quality tension to the mix as Routine as is, or a much more dark but introspective techno gem the likes of Principios that caves into obscure atmospheres with majestic Minimal shoots as a perfect joint venture in the night. Here are two outstanding techno tools with all the qualities to make memorable in the night.

Quite calm and much more melodic is Cae La Tarde, a Minimal-house piece of track that shine by its own. Sweet synth lines built carefully over hypnotic beats, claps and bass shoots, make the difference adding kind of smoothness – classy touch to the package. Hypnotic bass-lines with suby long shoots close the ep with memorable class as Azul proves. Sweet textures over subtle beats are layered by water drops as Ralph Kings hypnotic fingerprint style as is.

Check them out!

Ralph Kings´s Azul EP is available as exclusive pre-release on:
Ralph Kings – Azul [PGZTR070]

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