WMS 2014 ‘Side A’ | Huge Minimal-House Techno

★ Outstanding tracks selection featuring some of the most Break-through Minimal Gems!

As Winter comes with one of America’s most awaited dance electronic music week all over the continent, the ‘Winter Music Conference’ originally based in Miami is on its 29th consecutive year hosting the heavy weights electronic music makers including, artists, labels, media and people from all around the world in a same stage. Followed by a series of unstoppable achieves, Progrezo Records has prepared a series of different releases as WMS 2014 A, B, E, M and T being A and B the label face about new releases, E in charge of showing key tracks to come and T the signature either where the imprint sound is going to; in addition to two continuous hours DJ mix of undeniable quality electronic music produced by some of tomorrow’s best talents within the finest underground arena.

For WMS 2014 A edition, Progrezo Records opens the music journey with a cutting-edge piece of track considered as the Label face not only on YouTube, but every platform where the label is being promoted, written and produced by Italian Minimal and Techno rising producer Lazar (IT) as Covetous. The A edition also shows how the label music process has been on the first months over 2014 year, not only promoting quality Minimal stuff which has taken the imprint to a new level since past years., but making it a solid fingerprint within the modern music industry.

Highlights have not stopped to the Spanish Minimal master Ralph Kings who is growing up quite fast as a notorious Minimal producer in the music industry and worldwide scene as well, hitting constantly top100 charts and some of world’s top dj cases without doubt.

Pushing up the package, new talents come from different countries around the world to bring cutting-edge productions including representatives from Poland with Radek and VNS, Dranga, and Amaze from Russia. As a forward-thinking record label that design future, Progrezo Records is focus onto produce avant-garde electronic music supported and well described by outstanding artworks that bring with the visual counterpart for what you would listen to. Sometimes driven from emotional deep tech atmospheres, crossing through subtle but minimal organic textures to unstoppable techno Rhino rhythms making with a perfect joint venture in the night.

Grab your copy as exclusive pre-release on:
WMS 2014 ‘Side A’ | Huge Minimal-House Techno

Progrezo Records | Designing future. Forward-thinking


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