Fcode – Neon Lamp incl. Sander Frame Remix

★ Cinematic soundscapes meet stomped techno beats as perfect joint venture in the night !

Back in Progrezo Records with a brilliant jewel case, the Russian rising producer Fcode proves himself as one of tomorrows best talents to put an eye on, not only for his latest collaborations with some of the newcomers including Mauro Norti, but for his undoubted quality-music studio gems as sole producer, featuring sophistication dressed up with kind of dynamism and harmony to the dance-floor.

This young and talented musician from Saint-Petersburg, has established his name as a notorious Deep – Tech House and Techno music performer, bringing the necessary energy to create complex and multifaceted-emotional songs driving through crazy and mysterious atmospheres as his new ep Neon Lamp proves. Here are 3 huge techno – electronica pearls suitable on any kind of classy dj set and modern room. First on the list Fcode delivers a mind-blowing piece of track as eps called Neon Lamp to take notice about his music skills. Absolutely dynamism the Russian talented producer bring to the mix, revealing a well-balanced tool between rhythm, bass-lines and melody progressions where theres no nothing more necessary to highlight an unforgettable set in the night.

Second on the list the talented young musician from Smolensk, Sander Frame, features his stomped Neon Lamp interpretation to stretch neurons straight to the sky. Known already within the Techno and progressive tech arenas, Sander Frame gives an unique music touch to everything he produce as solid musician that can be traced in music works.His version is not only solid as composition but completely creative mix using the original synths and some elements in addition to his studio bullets, producing a suitable piece to any kind of modern dj set. Solid tech beats and intrinsic bass-lines drive the plane to a subtle music atmosphere as ace under the sleeve.

Third on the list is Spread, a side chained synth line opens the music journey straight a mad bass-line break-time while angels play celestial chords as one of the best ceremonies ever. Trippy melodies take us in a multidimensional music journey revealing emotional pads with kind of sophistication as usual on Fcode gems.

Last on the list but not the least, Fcode delivers an uptempo tool as Intension is, showing his more danceable side as notorious producer without doubt. Stomped tech beats built over strong bass-lines are surrounded by mysticism as a film taken from Boreal Auroras. Suggestive synth-lines cross side to side while key notes take control of everything around.

Grab your copy as exclusive pre-release on:
Fcode – Neon Lamp incl. Sander Frame Remix

For more info please visit:
http://www.progrezorecords.com | forward-thinking


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