Ralph Kings – Creme

★ Subtle minimal textures suit emotional keys in a great joint venture producing cutting-edge pearls aimed straight to the dance-floor!

Spot-lights have been on the Spanish rising producer Ralph Kings all over 2013, whi delivers solid bullets straight to the minimal arena without doubt.

Now he is back to Progrezo featuring 3 new diamonds in a jewel case packaged by enough sophistication as Creme as is. First on the list, Ralph delivers a subtle but stomped minimal piece as eps named, bringing classy whilst sublime atmospheres with his undoubted minimal touch suitable on every kind of modern dj set. Sweet keys, mad effects and suggestive bass-lines make warm up the night with enough class. Second on the list and taken from celestial players, Final de los Tiempos reveals Ralph Kings prolific side with capable skills to make difference in the night driven from subtle tech beats to ace drum kick lines through suggestive spaces by enough sophistication and dynamism. Last on the list the Spanish minimal talented producer features an introspective music pearl as Skandmata Goddess. Evocative atmosphere Ralph brings with, taking us to a surreal minimal journey painted with sweet dark elements.

Grab your copy as exclusive pre-release on:
Ralph Kings – Creme

For more info please visit:
http://www.progrezorecords.com | forward-thinking


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