Eusd – Memories | Berkley College LA

★ A rocker spirit in an electronic body blending high-quality tech broken beats with enough dynamism and unique voice shoots to blow up minds on the fly!

New in the family, Euripides Sideras known as Eusd was born in Cyprus. Composing and producing highly innovative music has always been Euripides aspiration and passion. From an early age Euripides was taught to play the guitar, piano and drums bringing him the opportunity to perform in a rock band in a numerous venues in Cyprus. In the meantime, he also worked as a DJ playing electronic dance music in several nightclubs in both Cyprus and Greece.

Euripides has studied sound engineering in Los Angeles and got a diploma in music production from Berkley College of Music. In 2010 Euripides released an alternative-rock-experimental album titled Blessed But Troubled Times. His electronic music productions have been signed recently on Boda Records, Endemic Digital Inc, Electro Top and Itchycoo Records just to name a few. As a DJ, 2013 has been a successfully year, bringing his name alongside Moguai, Steve Aoki, South Central and Cyberpunkers stages.

Called by the critic as innovative and highly original music-imaginative producer, his productions are melodic and jam-packed with pleasurable sonic entertainment. Euripides surprise the listeners by exciting variations with encompasses and thrilled ground-breaking style that continuous the ingenious metamorphoses of his musical journey entails. An element that clearly designates Euripides original style, placing the composer in a league of its own.

His first release on Progrezo Records brings sophistication and dynamism aimed straight for loud speakers and dance music lovers as Memories is.On the A side a solid but big break-beat opens the jewel case with stomped attitude as Talk To The River. Sick bass-lines drive the plane through sublime atmospheres where rock voices add enough tension to make memorable the journey without doubt. Synth lines taken from gothic buildings with chemical brothers style, brings a surreal environment with aimed straight for mad dance-floors! On the flip side Euripides delivers a majestic but rocker uptempo piece, equipped with strong bombs to stand up any kind of crowd and festival around the world. Solid bullets come from high class tech beats along with impressive synth lines surrounded by mad voice shoots as memorable key in the night.

Grab your copy as exclusive pre-release on:
Eusd – Memories

For more info please visit: | forward-thinking


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