Ralph Kings – La Voz De La Hembra

★ High quality techno and minimal pearls comes from one of tomorrow’s best talents achieving an army of followers around the world due overwhelming releases featured already on well known imprints with strong support!

Introduced recently on Progrezo Records with an undoubted and overwhelming minimal/tech ep, the Spanish producer doesn’t take time for breaks, being motivated by unstoppable imagination to produce such amazing and useful tools improving a wide range of music elements next to skills to hit top of charts and dj cases without doubt.

This talented young encourage techno and minimal as his passion of life, producing cutting-edge pearls as La Voz de la Hembra proves. Here “Ralph Kings” delivers two solid techno gems aimed straight to suit peak-time dj sets in big rooms, while on the flip side two deep-tech-minimal diamonds shine by their own, packaged in a high class jewel case to blow up minds on the fly!

Having seen the light day from the bowels of a prestigious club recently, as a listener and viewer Ralph Kings is grateful to had enjoyed the huge Detroit sound at its maximum rise of time along with and endless musical variants exposed from some of the biggest techno DJ’s from end of 90s. Now, this Spanish artist is dedicated to minimalize the techno and house sound using dry and reverberant hits typical of the new minimalism, aqueous ambient sounds surround the dance floor in a peaceful, dark and cold cleaning paradise described as strong minimalism, sometimes highlighting imperfection while offering a solid style increasingly polished and refined with subtlety and precision every time.

Grab your copy as exclusive pre-release at:

For more info visit:
www.progrezorecords.com | forward-thinking


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