Gare Mat K :: 2hrs Continuous live set :: August 2013

★ Not every day we have the opportunity to hear outstanding sessions from modern electronic music artists, with high-quality music and solidity enough to enjoy more than 2 hours in a continuous journey through mad rhythms and hypnotic atmospheres, and this is the case Gare Mat K.

Achieving an army of followers around the world due overwhelming releases including ace remixes for the likes of New York’s band “Home Video” and their “That You Might” track played by Sasha as opening set at WMC 2011, Daft Punk, Kazell, Anthony Pappa, Jeff Bennett, Propulse, Valid Evidence, DJ 19 and Federico Epis only to name a few; as well as remixed by some of “On Demand” producers within the finest electronic music including Alex Dolby, Alex Young, Schubert and Ben Coda, are the cue for the rest of dance music to stand up and take notice about his indubitable cutting-edge stuff.

Gare Mat K is back with 2hours fully edited live-set as preview one of his long awaited album and a wide list of eps to come shortly, after some months managing himself within the all analogue hardware stuff. Things have changed and playlistings aren’t managed the same way than times ago because now his stuff its almost A-Z edited, but at the same time its great to listening kind of new versions of Aire Oliver Huntemann & Dubfire’s Aire “Gare Mat K edit”, Sian’s Shame Cube “Gare Mat K edit”, Pig & Dan’s On A Train “Big Room Vocal vs Gare Mat K edit”, Pleasurekraft, Jaceo & Vedic’s 313 “Gare Mat K edit”, and Hobo’s Incise “Gare Mat K edit” among others, many of them as promotional stuff from close and on fire labels including Bpitch Control, Minus, Click Muziq, Ideal Audio, City Life, Revolucion, Undertechnical and Supermarket unlimited.

So, the spot-light looks like has just started for Gare Mat K and his massive music message to spread the world!

Feel free to download free and/or listen to Gare Mat K´s August 2013 Podcast on the below link:



01. ID – Villanova rx stems Remix
02. Gui Boratto – We Can Go (Original Mix)
03. Hobo -Incise Original Mix [Gare Mat K Edit)
04. Erick_Hernandez_-_Gelato__Original_Mix__-_Gare Mat K Edit
05. ID – On The red
06. Yazeed_-_Kart-Hadasht__Gare Mat K edit__-_Undertechnical_recordings
07. Reset Robot – False Widow (Original Mix)
08. Sian – Shame Cube (Gare Mat K edit)
09. Oliver Huntemann, Dubfire – Aire (Gare Mat K edit)
10. Vedomir – Musical Suprematism (Marcel Dettmann Remix vs Gare Mat K Edit)
11. Pig & Dan – On A Train (Big Room Vocal vs Gare Mat K Edit)
12. Julian Jeweil – Green Room – M-nus
13. Pig & Dan – On A Train (update Mix)
14. Ari Cazal – Phenom – Taaaz Remix
15. Julien Jeweil – Boom (Gare Mat K Edit)
16. Sergio Linares – Polonio (Original Mix)
17. Pleasurekraft, Jaceo, Vedic – 313 (Gare Mat K Edit)
18. Evan Espinoza – Sleepwalker (Gare Mat K edit)
19. Evan Espinoza – Frequenzverlust (Gare Mat K Edit)
20. Gary Beck – Video Siren (Original Mix)
21. Dustywork_-_DOGMA_02__Original_Mix
22. 02.Ralph Kings – La Ultima Palabra MAST (Gare Mat K Edit)
23. Christian Smith & Wehbba – Second Life (Original Mix)

Gare Mat K’s edited track available in the upcoming weeks at:


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