Ladies On Mars – Clout EP [Depeche Mode Remixer]

★ High-quality pearls coming from an artist behind outstanding and massive stuff including collaborations to Depeche Mode, Home Video, Markus Lange and Christian Fischer among others, as undoubted proof of outstanding techno and tech house skills!

Born on 70s ending in the rush-city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Jonathan Braverman is the man behind Ladies On Mars, a great music project that blends in best of music production as outstanding producer, remixer and musician previously known as Musasero and Elektrodevil.

Now, Ladies On Mars is his most ultimate and innovative synthesis of electronic music to the dance-floor. The ladies, introduced by Jonathan, are a proof of high quality and versatility sound as solid artist. This constant reinvention process is based on the search and creation of characters in order to perceive the world from a different point of view always looking for to involve women’s feelings.
Ladies On Mars has succeeded in having himself reinvented all along because of the use of effective and particular sounds oscillating from minimal beats and grooves to house or pop vocals with melodies, going through dark environments and electro-acoustic arrangements as well. Productions such as Sex Machine, We Are Not Lesvicon, 69, Munn and Living Out among others, shows Jonathan’s versatility and imagination as a professional producer that truly shows with a life on Mars on a regular basis!

Ladies On Mars is a kind of special artist who has created a universe of sounds and melodies which you can experience them on every single track and remix he makes. Someone’s of his most outstanding productions includes remixes to Depeche Mode, Markus Lange, Christian Fischer, Thee-O and Home Video; besides massive releases featured on well known imprints the likes of EMI, Definition Records, Bryzant and Whirpool Sex only to name a few.

Ladies On Mars has been introduced already on the Progrezo Records family a few years ago with an overwhelming remix to New York based band Home Video and their album The Automatic Process. Now time has come to show out what is happening about Ladies On Mars with a fresh and cutting-edge gems as his brand new ep Clout proves, featuring 3 original tracks of solid tech beats built over dynamic bass-lines, voice shoots and huge melodies to stand up worldwide crowds on the fly!

First on the list the Argentinean rising producer delivers such as outstanding pearl to stretch neurons straight to the wall. Here Ladies On Mars brings a powerful tool as Clout as it is, suitable on any kind of techno and tech house dj set. A driven techno bass-line add enough tension to the mix making it memorable in the night without doubt!

Next on the list Elasticity reveals Ladies On Mars most prolific side bringing a supa-dynamic piece with unstoppable techno mind over solid rhino tech rhythm taking us through sick bass-lines surrounded by hypnotic vocals to wipe out your head.

Last on the list Ladies On Mars lets dancers take a moderate breath with a gem called Kinetic Air. Quite calm music spirit but always solid beats takes control of the night taking us in a journey of psychedelic spaces by multicolor voices and mad sounds. Here is definitively a piece that tends to be the soundtrack of the night!

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For more info visit: | forward-thinking


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