Qlons & Lameduza – Tides EP

★ Solid tech rhythms built over strong bass-lines surrounded by hypnotic melodies with an indubitable voice performance brings together outstanding gems aimed straight to the dance-floor.

In 1975, the cold war is on its peak. In response to the French-American disco ascendancy, the Soviet secret laboratories create Qlon1.1 and Qlon1.2 from the DNA of Danny Zucos famous Banana.

Although the resemblance with the original and the capacities to dance of these two creatures were huge failures, the Qlons developed a strange power to make music from common objects, from tools and domestic utensils as pans, drill, etc….

The QLONS project stopped abruptly in the middle of the 80s-pop having definitively overrun vague disco Until the day when a power failure took out 2 prototypes of their cryonics. Having exchanged their shirts with big collars for Italian suits, here are the Qlons again back to the dance-floor! New in the label Family Qlons and Lameduza met up to produce such outstanding ep as Tides as it is, revealing with indubitable skills when producing is the main point of view.

On the A side the Swiss producers delivers a melodic-electronica but vocal piece aimed straight to high-quality-melodic sets as its named. Solid deep-tech beats drives in a straight line with a crisp charm by outstanding Lameduza voice to make memorable the night. The flip side features Qlons’ more trippy-electronica side with a pearl that shine by its own, taking us to a futurist music journey through multicolour spaces. Deep bass-lines awe-inspired built on unstoppable tech-rhythm gets quite energy from hypnotic synths to reveal unexpected peak-time moments on the fly as a clout without stop!

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www.progrezorecords.com | forward-thinking


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