MAUT – Lonely Nights incl Ievgeniy Kozlov Remix

★ Emotional-rocker band who produce such sublime pearls built with best of live band instruments packaged in a delicate but solid jewel case of deep bass-lines, strong rhythms, solid lyrics and melodic harmonies as cinematic soundscapes as is along with surreal touches from Ievgeniy Koslov!

After some months preparing the new label stuff, Progrezo is back with no less than MAUT’s brand new masterpiece as ‘Lonely Nights’ is, including a solid an outstanding remix from Ukrainian Ievgeniy Kozlov to blow up minds on the fly.

MAUT is an Ukrainian progressive-experimental rock band who looks to bring out their thoughts, visions and feelings directly to your head and heart through real music instruments guitars, amplifiers, drums and keyboards on a different basis. The band are back to Progrezo with a huge indie-rock piece that blends best of a live band with emotional lyrics in a rocker jewel case to suit best of music lovers collection without doubt.

Quite calm but precisely built drums over solid mid tempo beats, toms and claps drives the plane by full of energy to meet a penetrating guitar riff as best of recent MAUT productions to celebrate with. Here, the band followers gets a definitively emotional rocker gem to slap!

Achieving an army of followers world over, Ievgeniy Kozlov is the man behind a series of overwhelming productions already released out with massive support from big industry names. On the flip side, the Ukrainian rising dj and producer reveals a useful deep gem aimed straight to any kind of dj set and modern rooms by indubitable clear and solid brand-name. As memorable on his latest productions, Ievgeniy Kozlov delivers an outstanding electronica version of MAUT Lonely Nights, inspiring his own ideas on the original lyrics and some of the percussion elements to built magically a high fly mind trip!

Grab your copy as exclusive pre-release at:

For more info visit: | forward-thinking


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