Matematica – Balestrazzi EP

★Classy deep-house pearls aimed straight to make memorable not only night times but to bring magic shine to the day hour!!

As a solid roller-coaster where tension doesn’t stop, the Russian deep-house maneuver duo Matematica are back to Progrezo Records featuring their brand new big-dish straight to the head.

Alexander Trofimov and Stepanov Ilya both have passed the last years polishing an indubitable music style that shine by its own. A more forceful and mature sound on each new production driving between mid-tempo and moderate beats that surround magical atmospheres where sweet pianos and classy vocal shoots host the time, Matematica reveals kind of potential as one of tomorrow’s best talents to watch as their brand new Balestrazzi EP proves.

Along with Artem Teya they met to produce such an indubitable deep-house pearl as Something. Sick paned cymbals drives over subtle deep tech rhythm that is surrounded by suggestive wet synth-lines to discover with an evocative voice that brings sophistication and a quality-fresh environment. Sweet chords do circles of emotion to produce a memorable piece in the night.

Second on the list Matematica deliver a solid bass-drum rhythm to warm up body and mind turbines straight to the space as Wet Magic. Here a trippy journey comes from the Russian duo inner side that brings majestic elements to blow up thinking-forward rooms without doubt! Solid bass-lines joint venture the to mix to produce such an amazing tool for classy dj sets!

As a brilliant satellite on space, Matematica’s Calcutta has enough qualities as an indubitable masterpiece that shine by its own. With a non gravity pressure, Matematica is a floating fully relaxed experience that looks like cosmic emotions fly around surreal minds. Deep bass-lines are delicate handy crafted between evocative vocals to blow up minds and trippy sets on the fly!!

Grab your copy as exclusive pre-release at:

For more info visit: | thinking-forward


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