Gottlieb – The Inner Side EP

★ High-quality minimal/tech gemstones aimed straight to the dance-floor and peak-hour dj sets!

Hungarian newcomer Gottlieb has been polishing himself over the past 2 years as a notorious producer within the minimal and techno strips, showing with kind of studio skills to produce outstanding pieces aimed straight to mad dance-floors and big rooms without doubt.

His brand new gemstone as The Inner Side EP reveals in three sophisticated tools of pure minimal textures built over stomped and techno rhino beats to stand up world-wide crowds in an instant. Here Gottlieb open the magic music box with such an indubitable masterpiece as Phantasmagoria fully suitable on thinking-forward dj sets the styles of Richie Hawtin and Dubfire, only to name a few. Solid kick lines drives the infected plane through mad atmospheres bringing with a cutting-edge piece to make memorable the night.

Second on the list Hungarian rising talent Gottlieb deliver a top notch piece as Message From The Inner Side aimed straight to push up any and every moving-forward dj set. An hypnotic-ritual introduction followed by twisted analogue claps over accurate elements takes us in a mad journey through an unstoppable rollercoaster of stabs, breaks and evocative sounds to stretch neurons to the leds’ screen.

Last on the list After-Life is the perfect tool to close by class of attitude such a memorable ep with. Clear minimal textures over overwhelming techno rhino rhythm blends rightly key things to get a quite calm pearl aimed to warm up the dance-floor at every time without doubt!

Grab your copy as exclusive pre-release at:

For more info visit: | thinking-forward


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