Manos & Menelaos T – Soul Rebels EP feat Ian Tosel, Dean Hale, Manuel Kane

★ Thinking-forward tools proves sophistication at the dance-floor blending in best of emotions on dynamic deeptech beats as shoot away!

Achieving an army of followers on every new release, Greek Manos met up Menelaos T to produce such outstanding pieces of pure deep-house beats to make memorable the night and classy dj sets without doubt. Both artists joint venture to sculpt an emblematic and high quality gemstone as Soul Rebels EP featuring two outstanding but useful deep-house tools aimed straight to calm down and modern Dj sets the likes of Nicolas Jaar, only to shoot out an idea.

As artwork proves, this amazing ep push up edge of boundaries carefully packaged with ace remixes from some of tomorrows best talents within the upcoming finest electronic music industry world over the likes of Ian Tosel, Dean Hale and Manuel Kane, usually discovered by Progrezo Records such as Nick Olivetti, PHM, Lank, Tektight, Schubert, Gare Mat K, Lukasz Napora, Mauro Norti and Jim Schwindel among many more.

Soul Rebels is an ep with all the qualities to suit best of dance-floors and dj sets. Here the Greek producers deliver two memorable pearls by stomped deep-tech rhythms built over infected bass-lines surrounded rightly by key voices, stabs and well-dressed synths to move worldwide dance-floors on the fly. Funky but always keeping deep elements at front of the pool, Manos & Menelaos T knows how to improve sophistication with enough to stand up crowds in an instant!

New in the family Ian Tosel brings a mid-tempo gem to blow up jazzy-soul minds and thinking-forward dj sets as shoot away. Funky but subtle bass-lines drives the plane through multicolor wide spaces built over disco synth lines that tends to dress the night with stylish 80s mood. Definitively here is a high quality tool that will claim surely its own place within the modern music industry.

Progrezo Records debutant Dean Hale features a moving-housy forward interpretation aimed straight to any and every dance-floor without doubt. A properly break-time reveals Dean Hale studio skills as a notorious producer to watch. Using the original voice along with horns and some percussive elements, Dane Hale brings to the package an useful tool with.

Last on the list but not the least, Manuel Kane has produced two overwhelming versions as Deep and House mixes suitable on any kind of tasteful dj sets. Here Manuel inspired himself in the original voice and synths to add enough character to the whole stuff driving from calm-down beats to moving-forward techy rhythms based on Chicago’s 90 sound to enjoy!!

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  1. progrezorecords November 13, 2012 — 15:43

    Manos & Menelaos T – Soul Rebels

    Manos & Menelaos T – Soul Rebels (Ian Tosel Remix)

    Manos & Menelaos T – Soul Rebels (Manuel Kane Deep Mix)

    Manos & Menelaos T – Soul Rebels (Manuel Kane House Mix)

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