Eike Voigt – Anime EP Remixed

★ Cyprus born but Dubai established Costas Papa returns back to Progrezo Records after a successfully remix to Lukasz Napora’s Lone Song track produced along with his studio partner Dimitry Liss.

As professional producer graduated as Sound Engineer from SAE, Costas Papa brings here a high quality deep interpretation built by best and subtle but evocative elements from deep-house suitable for classy dj sets and sophisticated rooms. Here the Cyprus artist reveals magic on the fly inspired in the original voice of Eike Voigt’s Popper piece, adding strength beats over suggestive bass-lines to blow up minds on the mix.

Canadian chart broker Tektight features a top notch minimal version using the original Popper voice in addition to his stomped tech beats building with such a moving-forward tool aimed straight for any and every minimal, techno and tech-house Dj set.

Tektight’s Popper Remix has been featured within the Must Minimal heard tracks on Beatport’s week 39. Here Tektight proves himself as a remarkable artist with enough skills to produce such outstanding gems to break up charts and dance-floors world over.

Spanish Cremadelic Band delivers two electronica versions of Anime and Popper respectively suitable for calm but musically sets. Cremadelic Band themselves proposes a trippy versions infected by piano notes over suby bass-lines blending live beats over sick-idm atmospheres with to give a majestic fresh air to the whole package. Both versions are crisp and useful making them interesting without doubt.

Born in Czech Republic but established in Prague, Ievgeniy Kozlov has under his belt a musical background as a consolidated artists since early days, driving from rock-pop band collaborations to overwhelming minimal and dreamy techno gems as remarkable wizard to follow. Ievgeniy Kozlov latest productions includes strong originals and remixes supported already by several electronic music tastemakers and specialized radios making him one of the promising names within the finest industry to watch!

Grab your copy as exclusive pre-release on:

For more info visit:
www.progrezorecords.com | thinking-forward


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