Low Manuel – Crazy Idiot Man feat Muzarco, nonus Remixes

★ Low Manuel, a real music lover born in Italy in 90’s who motivated by his passion and the necessity to express his music soul, get involved within the electronic music scene at age of 16 djing in Veneto while polishing Manuel himself the arsenal to produce high quality gems by his own for Progrezo Records and other selected labels.

With a characteristic music style that tends to be sophisticated and always melodic, Manuel build studio skills on simple but useful grooves, driving rightly on every track to transmit emotion kind of influenced by experimental melodic techno atmospheres.

His brand new pearl as Crazy Idiot Man, is a cutting-edge electronica piece produced with by the right elements to bring a sophisticated but useful tool in any and every modern DJ set, revealing magic atmospheres that drives softly through multicolor dimensions.

With a rich musical background and a sense for warm and colorful sound crafting, this sonic soul searcher brings into techno his unmistakable signature emotion. Muzarco’s work at the studio invokes the soul out of machines and transforms on the floor into an intoxicating, electrifying, emotional experience.

His Crazy Idiot Man interpretation is a clear prove about Muzarco’s studio skills. Built over suggestive broken beats, here the Israeli artist delivers magic on the fly bringing with surreal environments as a memorable electronica piece in the night. Celestial chords played by angels-flutes prepare the sky to blow up minds.

Spanish talented duo nonus, are back to Progrezo Records featuring a top notch version of Crazy Idiot Man as masters of crisp and solid sounds by compositions slowly surfaced with sounds inspired by afro-cuban music, jazz and experimental minimalism. These driving bass-lines, broken beats and haunting melodies are quickly becoming the dominant sound for nonus as his remix proves.

Stomped techno beats makes indubitable tension on the mix, driving straight to an emotional journey by sophisticated environments to enjoy. Organic sounds surround strong bass-lines characteristic as nonus brand style, bringing with more than a tool at the night but an introspective key to experience as shoot away !

Grab your copy as exclusive pre-release on:

For more info visit:
www.progrezorecords.com | thinking-forward


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