Monolab – IYE incl. Andrea Casula, Eike Voigt, Ievgeny Kozlov +

★ Italian rising producer Monolab is back to Progrezo Records featuring an overwhelming piece of solid techno beats built by best of progressive atmosphere to bring a sophisticated environment on the fly.

Here Monolab himself produced such a peak-time pearl driving onto the mix with by enough tension over strong bass-lines and unstoppable techy beats as ’IYE’ to blow up minds as shoot away. A suggestive break-time surrounded by magical voices takes us in an emotional journey as a memorable time in the night.

Andrea Casula well known thanks his latest gemstones charted already by world top DJs including Umek, is back from studio featuring an indubitable techno interpretation aimed straight for high quality DJ sets and sophisticated rooms. Here the Italian artist brings rhino techno beats to paralyze the dance-floor in an instant. Deep sub bass-lines built over infected voices and analogue percussion brings together an useful tool in any and every modern DJ set.

Well known Australian established DJ and producer Eike Voigt played and charted by Richie Hawtin on his ENTER nights in Ibiza, proves Eike Voigt himself as a notorious and thinking-forward artist who blends best of minimal textures and subtle beats; over sophisticated techno bass-lines and percussion to produce such top notch gemstones for modern.

Czech Rep born but Prague’s established, Ievgeniy Kozlov has been in the eye on past weeks due his unmatched studio gems including upfront originals and overwhelming remixes, achieving with an army of world-wide followers within the finest electronica arena. His brand new remix of Monolab’s IYE track, brings the necessary tools to suit classy dj sets and sophisticated rooms as taken from a glamorous film that surrounds cinematic soundscapes.

Motivated by the massive support his latest studio gems have achieved within the finest electronic music arena, Phidias Michaelides known as PM delivers such a dirty techy-house version inspired in the original synths and voice, here the Cyprus artist proves himself as one of the fresh and prolific talents coming from the Mediterranean sea with a clear and solid style for cutting-edge electronic music always danceable !

Grab your copy as exclusive pre-release on:

For more info visit: | thinking-forward


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