Hernan Cattaneo Charting UNKLE – Heaven (Paul Lyman Remix)

Argentinean born but Spain established top dj Hernan Cattaneo, well known by his Renaissance mix compilations as the South American legend, Hernan himself has become synonymous with the meticulous manifesto of melody that defines high quality music, constantly pushing forward that soar throughout the full canon of House and Techno, dreamily imagined collages of sound as his September episode proves as follows :

Resident / Episode 071 / September 15 2012

Part 1 Tracklist

Asten – Memories (Dan Kubo Remix)
John Gham – Valentino
Mark Henning – Sunday Slide
Marc Marzenit & Henry Saiz – Sirens Land
Death in Vegas – Anita Berber (Dark Soul Project & Agus V Remix)

Part 2 Tracklist
JOSEL – AnotherEarth
Michael, Levan & Stiven Rivic – Violence (Marcelo Vasami remix)
Kay – I m Dead Twice
Unkle – Heaven (Paul Lyman Remix)

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www.progrezorecords.com | thinking-forward


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