Tura – Mechanism

Inspired in the cinematic landscapes of Novosibirsk where summers are quite warm followed by severely cold winters and frequent Snow, considered the third most important city in Russia after Moscow and Saint Petersburg and the most populous city of Asian Russia, ‘Tura’ aka ‘Deepmonoteque’ shows in every of his own productions the influence of his natal country improving in with such amazing pearls of thinking-forward minimal and techno gemstones by a fresh music style.

Already featured on Progrezo Records as Deepmonoteque, the Russian producer has consolidated his sound as an authentic pearl achieving massive support from world top Dj names the likes of Richie Hawtin as one of tomorrows best talents to watch. Now, debuting as Tura, the prolific artist features five original tracks packaged as ‘Mechanism’ album.

First on the plane Tura delivers such an outstanding piece by sophisticated minimal beats built over infected textures and wood instruments as ‘Reactor 17’ as is, bringing with a modern tool aimed straight for cutting-edge dj sets. Analogue bass-lines surround 808 percussion elements to blow up your mind. Mad minimal textures drives infected fxs stretching in with neurons to the speaker inside while ghost pads fly the sky.

Next on the cabin ‘Mechanism’ proves Tura himself as a prolific producer within the finest electronic music arena delivering such a subtle trippy but acid piece suitable in any and every classy dj set. Here the analogue bass acid drives the flight through surreal atmospheres magically surrounded by low pitched voices to makes unforgettable the night.

As a brightness diamond as ‘Modulation Structures’ as is, Tura reaffirms his acid-minimal-techno side with adding kind of dynamism on the rhythm to stretch the dance-floor to its maximum expression by mysterious atmospheres of sophistication. Solid bass-lines drives freely over techy beats while tears comes from the air to brings tension to the ground.

Cold sounds followed by wide echoes built solid minimal tech beats to blend ‘Opus’ as the fourth gemstone in the album. Flawless bass-lines but kind of relaxed atmospheres are the key under the sleeve to shake every bit together. As emblematic album as it is, acid bass-lines comes adding passion and sensuality on the mix as a magical joint venture. Here Tura himself shows high quality studio skills as a shoot away.

Last on the Mechanism album, the Russian talent delivers a bassy-lead mysterious piece built over unstoppable minimal beats infected by techno elements to break up the mind as ‘Padre I Am’. Dope music environments takes us through trippy journeys by acid emotions mainly influenced by Turas natal cold country. A conceptual tool for selected Dj sets.

Definitively here we have an outstanding album coming from one of tomorrows best talents within the thinking-forward electronic music arena to watch!

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  1. progrezorecords August 31, 2012 — 10:56

    Tura – Reactor 17

    Tura – Mechanism

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