Cremadelic Band – The Magics – Remixed

★ Sophisticated techno and electronica interpretations from Paul Lyman, Gare Mat K, Andrea Casula, Ievgeniy Kozlov and The Zars aimed straight for modern DJ sets!

The Progrezo Records team is pleased to present the selected list of Cremadelic Band’ The Magics remixes produced by well known names within the modern electronic music arena such as Paul Lyman, Gare Mat K, Andrea Casula, The Zars and Ievgeniy Kozlov respectively.

Introduced recently with massive support, ‘Cremadelic Band’ debuts with such an amazing album The Magics, featuring eight original pieces of neo-electronica-techno-punk beats inspired on bands the likes of Pink Floyd where Cremadelic Band themselves intertwine the classically-trained sensibilities of Fran with the confessional and at times existential lyrics of Julio in a indie-dance-electronic-acoustic sound.

R&B, Soul, Blues, Rock, Indie Rock, Post Rock, Punk, Techno, Minimal Techno, Acid House, House, IDM, Pop, Electro Pop, Indie-tronic, Popo-tronic, Dark-Houze, Orchestrass and Classical music brings together their majestic and indubitable touch to enlist such as outstanding album where the band layers acoustic guitar, crappy synths, unbalanced drums and vertiginous bass to build an contemporary electronica cadent trippy rock ambiance that drives steadily towards the sublime a spacious soundtrack evocative of a fractured dream.

Sublime electronic music rhythms blends analog percussion and noisy voices loud on dreams that sail times to be part of Joy Division and Ian Curtis journeys with Thom Yorke’ strokes into surreal music cadence dressed by classic piano atmospheres more than a rocker style, the talented Spanish duo ‘Cremadelic Band’ describes their music as Alternative Modern Composition blending psychedelic harmonies and melancholy stories narrated with by natural talent by some of experience.

British rising talent Paul Lyman is on fire on selected imprints world over, releasing outstanding pieces including remixes for Unkle, King Roc and Tim Sheridan only to name a few. With a remarkable background as artist, Paul Lyman himself proves key studio skills once again to produce such an amazing remix within the cutting-edge electronic music arena, delivering a blow up interpretation of ‘Cremadelic Bands’ Neysa song built on subtle minimal-electronica beats over solid bass-lines by futurist techno touch,, surrounded by suggestive ghosts and the original voice to blend a modern piece aimed straight for sophisticated dj sets and thinking-forward rooms.

Second on the list Colombian born but Argentina established Gare Mat K is back to Progrezo Records featuring such a woody experience mix of ‘Cremadelic Band’ Angels Mask as he named by dynamic electronic bass-line over infected tech beats. Here Gare Mat K himself adds tension to the package with an useful tool driving through psycho atmospheres surround by the original voice with a particularly music touch.

Charted recently by the likes of Slovenian top artist Umek on his August Beatport top 10 chart, Italian Andrea Casula delivers such outstanding pieces of sophisticated techno-electronica beats, proving himself as a prolific producer able to accept any kind of thinking-forward challenge. Here Andrea brings two fantastic versions of ‘Neysa’ and ‘Immortal’ Cremadelic Band’ songs aimed straight to break up modern dance-floor and dj sets the likes of Trentemoller.

Italian The Zars are back to Progrezo featuring such a modern piece of electronica-techno beats as ‘A World Far Away’ as proves. Here the duo delivers a trippy percussive version driving carefully on broken beats that surround mad strings to tend dancing with no limit.

Ievgeniy Kozlov is one of those producers who really find the way out to produce and transmit such emotions through his studio pearls and his remix of ‘Cremadelic Band’ My Mentality isn’t the exception. Closing with an outstanding masterwork Ievgeniy himself improves again high quality elements to blend perfectly the original voice over own additions joining a sweet electronica piece brilliant for eclectic and conceptual DJ sets.

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  1. progrezorecords August 28, 2012 — 11:17

    Cremadelic Band – Neysa (Paul Lyman Remix)

    Cremadelic Band – Angel’s Mask (Gare Mat K Woody-Air Remix)

    Cremadelic Band – Neysa (Andrea Casula Remix)

    Cremadelic Band – My Mentality

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