Tektight – Overflow EP

Since 2011 the Canadian DJ and producer Tektight has shown why he is considered one of the best rising talents within the modern electronic music industry, hitting by extreme force in the Beatport minimal charts with a series of top notch releases already supported by La crème de la crème including Richie Hawtin, Nic Fanciulli, Gel Abril and Alexi Delano.

His brand new EP “Overflow” is synonymous of high quality minimal and techno tools proving himself with such amazing diamonds to break up the night on thinking-forward Dj sets and sophisticated rooms.

First on the list and paying tribute to the EPs name, Tektight presents ‘Overflow’ bringing a top notch tool aimed straight for minimal and techno dance-floors. Here stomped techno beats surround key 808 and 909 percussive elements over a solid bass-line to drive the mix with enough tension every time. Psycho-acid synths take control of the mood riding on low cut frequencies to join a rhino twisted beat to explode the crowd.

Next on the list ‘Greyfield’ reveals mad techno beats built on a infected bass-line that surround stretched bubble keys to screw on the brain. Unstoppable minimal and techno elements takes us in a mad journey through dynamic dimensions. Acid synths surrounded by suggestive voices grab our neurons stretching them to the DJ booth.

Last on the list and inspired in a mad bicycle ride, Tektight delivers a moving-forward minimal and techno pearl as ‘Bike To The Beach’ as is, full of dope to the dance-floor and its dancers as a shoot away. Here the Canadian producer expose his studio skills in such an amazing piece charged by stomped rhino beats over mad acid-delayed synths suitable for any and every Dj set world over.

Grab your copy as exclusive pre-release on:

For more info visit:
www.progrezorecords.com | thinking-forward


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