Dimitry Liss – Inner City Vibe EP – Remixed

★ Cutting-edge techno and tech house interpretations coming from thinking-forward producers aimed straight for the dance-floor!

Born in Russia but Dubai established ‘Dimitry Liss’ has achieved an army of followers world over due top notch releases featured already on compilations the likes of Alex Dolby and Gare Mat K, massively supported from key names including Hernan Cattaneo, Camea, Ellen Allien, Ricardo Villalobos and Loco Dice among others.

Under his belt has upfront collaborations next to well known names the likes of Sarp Yilmaz [Apparel, Minimal Kidz, Tretmuehle, Hi-Fi], besides selected releases on Eyepatch, Bonzai and Progrezo as his top picks.

“I dont really like to call it dance music as its so much more, deep-house, tech-house and the combination of both is where my attention is centered on at the moment. Well see what future brings, times change and so do we.” Says Dimitry

Now is the Dimitry’s turn to get remixed by a selected team of top notch producers within the cutting-edge electronic music arena, on his recent ‘Inner City Vibe EP’ as the Remixed package proves.

First on the list Canadian Beatport chart broker ‘Tektight’, delivers a solid techno interpretation inspired in the original voice and keys, Tektight himself adds a stomped rhino bass-line to break up the dance-floor on the fly. Analogue ride hats along with ace percussive elements surround the mix becoming it in a high quality tool aimed straight for rooms with properly bass sound systems.

Featured recently on Progrezo Records with a solid ep already supported by La crème de la crème, ‘PM’ delivers a mad techy house remix inspired in the original voice to screw the dance-floor heads in an instant. Here the Cyprus producer reveals infected bass-lines built over sick techy rhythm surrounded by foolish-stretched synth making it a psychotic tool aimed straight for peak-time DJ sets.

Italian ‘Andrea Casula’ brings two powerful pieces of dynamic techno and tech house beats as ‘Best Kept Secret’ and ‘Inner City Vibe’ proves. Here Andrea himself improves top notch studio skills to release such amazing tools to stand up any and every dance-floor as a shoot away.

Spanish duo ‘Cremadelic Band’ specialized in cutting-edge idm and indie-dance-nu-disco beats, are back to Progrezo Records featuring two outstanding remix pearls of ‘Inner City Vibe’ and ‘Best Kept Secret’ as they are. Psycho synths magical surround the original voices fragmented by Cremadelic Band best style driving through surreal spaces where delicate beats suits violins and strings played by angels, bringing themselves a thinking-forward idm band to watch.

Featured recently on Progrezo Records with a series of upfront remixes, Italian rising producer ‘Monolab’ delivers a solid techno beat built over infected bass-lead line taking us in a journey of trippy techno atmospheres. Layering some original stems and using by kind of precision the voice over his own music elements, Monolab himself brings such a moving-forward piece suitable for peak-time DJ sets and moving-forward rooms.

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  1. progrezorecords August 26, 2012 — 17:07

    Dimitry Liss – Best Kept Secret (Tektight Remix)

    Dimitry Liss – Best Kept Secret (PM Remix)

    Dimitry Liss – Best Kept Secret (Andrea Casula Remix)

    Dimitry Liss – Best Kept Secret (Monolab Remix)

    Dimitry Liss – Best Kept Secret (Cremadelic Band Remix)

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