nonus – Flood P – Remixed

★ Sophisticated techno and electronica versions coming from thinking-forward producers aimed straight for cutting-edge dj sets.

Some weeks fully concentrated working deep on the remixes stuff for rising duo talent ‘nonus’ and their Flood EP, featuring gemstones packaged as Remixed from a selected list of top notch producers within the modern electronic music industry.

The Progrezo Records team has the pleasure to present six outstanding, futurist, overwhelming and surreal interpretations from some of ‘on demand’ producers who are building diary stone by stone their names as Jim Schwindel, Max Cue, Ievgeniy Kozlov, Mauro Norti and Monolab respectively.

High quality gems by sophisticated techno and electronica beats have been carefully packaged as Remixed bringing with undoubted tools for top notch dj styles the likes of Max Cooper, Ryan Davis, Microtrauma, Gare Mat K and the all those who plays emotional but solid pieces of conceptual and dream techno stuff.

First on the list French Jim Schwindel delivers a stomped broken beat techno version, inspired in the original synths Jim himself adds enough strength to the mix by a solid rhythm built over evolving bas-lines brining with an useful piece in sophisticated DJ sets as charted by Max Cooper on Beatport’ February top 10. Definitively a remix to watch!

Belgium Max Cue returns to Progrezo Records featuring two outstanding versions of Dollars and Flood respectively. On the Dollars side Max brings a trippy tool using the original synths in addition to stunning bass-lines from Max himself, driving through surreal spaces full of dynamism and creativity on the fly. His Flood interpretation proves Max Cue himself as a prolific producer within the finest electronic music arena by a clear music style. Here Max reveals a mystic but always dynamic techno version aimed straight for classy DJ sets.

Born in Czech Republic but established in Prague, Ievgeniy Kozlov is synonymous of high quality electronica stuff. Several originals along with ace remixes proves Ievgeniy himself as notorious, clear and solid brand of unforgettable pearls produced and polished in a beyond world of emotions. Here the Czech artist delivers a top notch electronica interpretation inspired in the original synths adding magic elements as great wizard for brightness butterflies gardens.

Russian rising talent Mauro Norti, known by ace releases over the past months remixed already by recognized producers within the modern electronic music arena, is back featuring a subtle but deep-tech version of nonus’ Flood track suitable for classy Dj sets. Kind of suggestive pads produced by Mauro himself surround meticulously the original synths revealing sprites of emotion that handy drives to evolving bass-lines through a journey of exciting colors as memorable ones in the night.

Italian newcomer Monolab has released under different nick names a wide list of upfront originals and remixes on world recognized record labels achieving massive support from industry tastemakers. Now as Monolab he brings a new and fresh techno plus for peak-hour dance-floors and peak-time DJ sets. His remix is stomped since the beginning as solid and crisp production, adding to the package a powerful piece aimed straight for any and every techno, tech house either progressive high quality DJ set.

Here we have an outstanding package selected strictly by high quality gems that surely will rok classy besides cutting-edge Dj sets world over. Check it by yourself and make own conclusions.

Grab your copy as exclusive pre-release on:

For more info visit: | thinking-forward


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  1. progrezorecords August 25, 2012 — 22:51

    nonus – Flood (Jim Schwindel Remix)

    nonus – Flood (Max Cue’s Disruptive Remix)

    nonus – Flood (Mauro Norti Remix)

    nonus – Dollars (Ievgeniy Kozlov Remix)

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