Poul Luis – Succube EP

Born in the south of Italy ending 80s, Paolo Luigi known as Poul Luis was just a kid inherited by his mother’s passion for music dancing every time at home. He entered soon in the night-life entertainment besides djing thanks to a family’s friend that was once a dj as well.

Since then passion for music became his vocation. At the age of 14 he started djing for self-organized parties at home moving on to club events along with friends and collaborators from different crews. After some years djing, he started producing music at home searching Poul Luigi himself an authentic style cutting edge music and creativity.

In 2009, he released his first single gaining world attention. Some years of absence, Poul Luigi join Progrezo Records family featuring a new single including an important remix collaboration to Kazell’s Chatter track.

Italian rising talent Poul Luigi is back to Progrezo Records featuring his new pearl packaged as Succube EP by two high quality gems aimed straight for modern dj sets the likes of Max Cooper, Nathan Fake, Microtrauma and more.

On the A Side Poul Luis delivers a cutting-edge piece of melodic techno beats as Talk Again Please as it is. Here a solid tech rhythm built over dynamic bass-lines brings together futurism on the fly. Sweet melodies over unexpected breaks magical surrounded by analogue percussion elements, creates beyond music atmospheres.

On the flip side Poul reveals an electronica useful tool on thinking-forward DJ sets. Succube brings sophisticated synths that drives deep environments by suggestive elegance to commit a trustful solid piece in the night. An emblematic electronica tool definitively.

Grab your copy as exclusive pre-release on:


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