Ievgenik Kozlov – Peper Cake EP

Progrezo Records starts the summer with a diamond release from talented Czech DJ and producer ‘Ievgeniy Kozlov’, featuring stunning lyrics from Ukrainian ‘Elina Testaverder’ packaged in the same jewel box.

Since we’ve listened to ‘Peper Cake’ by two fantastic jewels that comes into the case, we knew it would shine by its own making it one of those memorable releases ever within the modern and conceptual electronica worldwide industry, and this is the case of Ievgeniy Kozlov and Elina Testaverder.

Here, the prolific artist from Czech Republic but established in Ukraine ‘Ievgeniy Kozlov, shows why he is one of the producers with a great future within the finest electronic music arena, not only by the musical compositions that his stuff does, but also by the magical atmospheres he blends through its guest singers and the surreal lyrics that Elina Testaverder reveals as ‘Peper Cake’ proves.

In fact it is a fantastic piece taken from a cinematographic landscape by emotion. ‘Look For’ is the other diamond side bringing with an introspective piece from the beginning to the end which bears the characteristic stamp of Ievgeniy Kozlov as solid electronica beats along suggestive bass-lines surrounded by subtle melodies. Carousel games and analogue synths evoke magic on the fly.

Grab your copy as exclusive pre-release on:

For more info visit:
Thinking-Forward Music


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  1. progrezorecords July 13, 2012 — 12:11

    Ievgenik Kozlov – Peper Cake EP

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